Welcome to Neutra Finance
Yield farming has gained remarkable traction in the DeFi space as a way to earn additional profits on one's crypto holdings. However, such profits are not created without some degree of risk, which is why more experienced investors, in traditional and decentralized finance alike, use a variety of products such as options and derivatives to balance out their positions and offset the risk of any adverse price movements. For veterans, market fluctuations are of no problem because they always know how to protect themselves while continuing to make profit.
If anyone had the chance, who would not want to farm yield on their idle assets while being unaffected by price volatility? One problem is that such strategies involve more advanced concepts and intricate processes, which makes it difficult for users to approach and put into practice.
Neutra Finance aims to make risk-hedged, sustainable investment strategies easily accessible for anyone, anywhere through automated strategy vaults. We strive to make this process simple and easy so that anyone who wants to protect their funds and earn stable returns in any market condition can do so. Upon depositing their capital into our vaults, users can sit back and earn APY above market standards on high-performing DeFi products while the strategy will do the rest, such as optimizing returns, rebalancing, and managing liquidation risk.

Vision & Mission

As mentioned, our vision is to enable any user out there to easily and sustainably earn high returns without worrying about the risks themselves.
Hence, the team is committed to 3 core values:
  • Performance: Offer high-yield, sustainable strategies that minimize risk while optimizing returns.
  • Security: Focus on security of funds in terms of smart contracts and rebalancing mechanisms.
  • User Experience: Deliver strategies in an intuitive and user-friendly way, lowering the barrier for general crypto investors.
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