Figures Explanation

View Your Position

You can check your position on the left side of the screen.

  • My nUSDC: This value shows your nUSDC holdings which are not reserved and their USDC value.

  • Reward: Bonus xGRAIL and esNEU rewards are accumulated real-time.

Vault Features

  • APY: APY shows the interest you earn in one year. Since the vault rewards are auto-compounded, the nUSDC vault shows APY instead of APR.

    1. When hovering on the information icon, the tooltip displays the Net APY of 1~14 days.

    2. The APY on the main vault UI displays the highest value of the four net APYs.

  • nUSDC Price: nUSDC price reflects the net LP position value.

  • TVL: This value shows the total USD value of funds deposited into the vault.

    1. Below the TVL shows how much room is left for additional deposits.

Vault Stats

  • nUSDC Price: The line graph shows the exchange ratio of nUSDC <-> USDC over time.

  • Strategy statistics:

    • Capital allocation: total $ value of funds deposited to vault

    • Total gain: total $ value of the gained rewards of vault

    • APY: Current APY of the Strategy

    • Allocation: how much of the deposited assets are running within the strategy

Please Note

  • There is a 20% performance fee collected every harvest. The APY you see is the final value after fee deduction.

  • The nUSDC price may fluctuate, caused by innumerous variability of long and short values. If there is even a -0.000000000000001 in price, nUSDC price will be round down.

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