Automated Market Neutral Vaults

What is Delta Neutral?

Delta neutral strategies aim to keep your assets protected (neutral) while providing above-market returns regardless of an upward or downward market environment. This is done by taking offsetting long and short positions on an asset at the same time (aka hedging). While these strategies generate profit, they can be highly complex and typically involve additional costs and risks.

Fortunately, our automated market neutral vaults do the work for you and make sure you are making positive returns with minimum exposure to risks in any market condition. While each vault may differ in terms of its specific mechanisms and parameters to return the optimal APR, the overall structure of the strategies is as follows:

  1. User deposits their stablecoin holdings to a yield-generating strategy vault.

  2. The vault appropriately opens long and short positions on integrated protocols so that the net market exposure is zero.

  3. While continuously accumulating APR, the vault actively monitors and adjusts the position to maintain a neutral market exposure.

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