1x Bull Vaults (Coming Soon)

Automated 1x Bull Vaults are the next big product on our roadmap. The strategy will allow you to gain the upside of an asset you are bullish on while earning sustainable, high yields with liquidation protection.

GLP - BTC/ETH 1x Bull Vault

This strategy will work similarly to our Delta Neutral GLP (nGLP) vault, which lets you earn double-digit APR while hedging you against the portion of ETH and BTC within GLP. (Read about our nGLP vault here.) The difference is that instead of the strategy shorting all of the ETH and BTC so that you are delta neutral, only either ETH or BTC will be hedged, giving you 1x long exposure to your desired asset.

The rebalancing mechanism will work similarly to eliminate liquidation risk and maintain 1x Long exposure.

This vault will ultimately give you the same effect as holding or staking the token, but with double-digit APR added to the upward price movement!

Coming Soon!

More information about the details are coming soon as we develop further into our strategy vaults!

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