Neutra Finance

Fees & Parameters

Fee Parameters

Management fee: flat fee of 2% of AUM (annually)
Performance fee: 20% of APR (weekly)
Performance Fee
20% of APR is collected weekly.
  • 10% of 20% is distributed as revenue sharing to governance token stakers
  • 10% of 20% is used to cover operational expenses
Management Fee
2% (yearly)
Flat rate is taken from vault deposits over a year (2% of TVL, yearly). Fee is extracted by minting new shares of the vault upon every user action.
  • 1% of 2% is distributed as revenue sharing to governance token stakers
  • 1% of 2% is used to cover operational expenses
Please note that the nGLP minted as the management fee will be accumulated for 1 week and swapped with DAI from Core Contributor funds. The swapped DAI will be used to be distributed as revenue sharing.
This process is to prevent unnecessary diluting of user funds and showing a faulty figure in the vault TVL due to withdrawal of excess nGLP shares.
We are currently in the process of developing a function to withdraw the nGLP accumulated as management fee, and upon completion the nGLP will the converted to DAI and moved to Core Contributor funds to compensate for the previously allocated funds.

Vault-Specific Parameters

GLP Market-Neutral Vault
Deposit/Withdraw Fee paid to GMX
±0.4% (dynamic)
Fee consists of
  • Buy/sell GLP fee
  • Open/close short position fee
  • Two-part execution fee on GMX
The fees are paid to the GMX protocol, and at no time will Neutra Finance profit from them.
Target Leverage
5.5 ~ 6x
Target leverage used to open and maintain short position on GMX
Rebalance Threshold
Strategy rebalances when GLP asset weight deviation + price volatility range reaches the threshold