Neutra Finance

Vault Tokens

Upon depositing into a strategy vault, users receive a vault token as a receipt of their share of the vault. Vault tokens are automatically staked when minted and earn strategy APR plus esNEU rewards, which can be staked to earn protocol fees. (Refer to this page to read about the esNEU token.)

GLP Market Neutral Vault

The nGLP token is the receipt token for the GLP Market Neutral Vault. The price of nGLP reflects traders' PnL on the GMX platform added to the net collateral value in our ETH and BTC short positions. Hence, the price of nGLP may be slightly changing on your screen. Your rewards from GLP APR will be accumulated on a weekly basis and separately claimable each week.
Read more about the vault here GLP Market Neutral Vault (nGLP Vault)