What has Changed in V2?

Audit 🔍

CertiK has audited our nGLP V2 vault to ensure safety and stability of our vault.

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Instant deposit & withdraw

The primary version of the nGLP vault had batch & epoch policies to save on execution fees and reduce risks of failed transactions.

Now, with the help of GMX & their devs, we eliminated this process. Now, you can deposit and withdraw your funds without any pending processes. Your funds will be in and out from the vault within seconds!

GLP deposit 💵

With much request from our community, we included GLP deposit to our funds in our major update. In nGLP Vault V2, not only you can deposit $DAI as your investment funds, but also GLP deposit has been made available!

Improved liquidity efficiency & more APR 😘

The leverage of short positions opened on GMX to hedge out the GLP delta exposure has been increased from 5.5x → 8x. Remember, the less funds used for short positions, the more funds can be used to buy GLP. And if more funds are allocated to buy more GLP, this leads to MORE APR!

Vault page renewal 👀

Upon entering the nGLP vault page, you can now know the nGLP price and the Total APR over time at a glance.

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