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Archived: April 19, 2023

nGLP Vault

To serve the purpose of saving on execution fees and reducing the risks of failed transactions when opening/closing short positions on GMX, the "Batch" and "Epoch System" policies have been implemented to the nGLP Vault.


Deposits and withdrawals will be made in batches, collecting and deploying the requested funds to the strategy at once. This action is called "batch".

During a batch, you will not be able to request to deposit or withdraw your funds. The batch process takes a few minutes. If you are unable to request to deposit or withdraw in the Vault page, please retry a few minutes later.

Epoch System

The Batch is executed based on an epoch system, and each epoch is at most 72 hours long. Your deposit/withdrawal requests will be executed during the next epoch. Hence, it may take up to 3 days for your funds to be deposited into or withdrawn from the strategy.

Reward Boost Event

1st week's rewards are provided by the treasury.

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